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I need some daddies!


I need just 8 dads! ¡Yo quiero ocho padres!  


8 dads, age 35-50, from anywhere in the world. 8 dads to answer 8 questions.


You could be one of the 8 "superdads" if the following describes you...


  • you've tried to lose weight but haven't been able to

  • you've enrolled in different weight loss and fitness programs in the past, but with meager results

  • you don't like diets

  • you don’t like prolonged, intense cardio workouts


If that describes you, would you please fill out the 8 questions below? If you do, I’ll send you a free copy of my “Health and Nutrition Roadmap” to print and post on your fridge. AND I PROMISE NOT TO SELL YOU ANYTHING!!!

I'm in the process of researching and developing a brand new online program that has the potential to PERMANENTLY solve busy dads’ nagging weight loss, fitness, and health issues. 


Would you please help me to produce the best possible and most effective online weight loss and fitness program for dads ever devised? 


Thanks daddios! 

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