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I help middle-agers lose 20 lbs. forever
without dieting or cardio

Coach Chris Prior, PHC
creator of the
2-Month Body Reset

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Life's too short to not feel your best.

Poor health is no fun. Don't let it hold you back. You were designed for more!

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The 2-Month Body Reset
will help you...

discover what types of mouth-watering foods support fat loss and maintain your new body.
develop new habits of exercising safely, efficiently, and enjoyably.
effortlessly implement healthy patterns for the rest of your life.

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1) Book your free
Fat Loss Strategy Session

2) Choose your
service package

3) Take control of
your health

A fun, no-pressure 30-minute phone call with me

Pick between the 1:1 or the
self-guided system

Never have to diet or exercise your way to fat loss again




I decided to commit to Chris’ program after seeing the results that a friend had achieved. He had lost 60lbs and had maintained it for over a year. I am in my mid 50's and things were getting away from me, so I decided to give Chris a call. I'm around 5'7" and I had gradually ballooned up to 190lbs. I was not going to hit 200! My stress was high, my energy was low, and I just felt weak. I was hooked on sugar, my schedule was erratic, and my sleep was not sound.....Being educated on the nutrition of the food I was eating, as well as getting off my butt and moving was a huge game-changer. Chris' coaching is great. The daily video of encouragement, support, and accountability makes the journey fun and personalized. It's not just a generic program, but a program that conforms to you. I've lost 15lbs in 8 weeks and I was never hungry. It's amazing how much food you can eat if you don't eat junk. I have great energy. My stress level is way down. My sleep is better. And my strength is coming around. I highly recommend!



I have had the privilege of being one of Chris’ first clients and although I was dubious at first (after all... haven't been able to lose weight OR follow a healthy lifestyle in over 20 years) but I am a REAL-LIFE EXAMPLE of what a healthy way of eating can do! Chris has been super good at helping me work through all my emotional attachments to food and has allowed me to make this journey to health personal and doable for me! After the past 2 decades of dieting, l never truly lost or kept off any weight. I hated the way I looked and felt...all the time! Today I am almost 60 pounds down, I don't ever starve and I am loving life! This has changed me from the inside out!!! I am ending this year different than I have the last 20 years!!!


Thank you, Chris, health coach extraordinaire!!!

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2-Month Body Reset success stories



If you don’t know me, I promise you that I’m not given to flowery platitudes and insincerity. I hope my credibility in the review/feedback of Chris’ program is enhanced by virtue of having waited six months to write it. This review is not tainted by the zeal of being fresh off the program, but rather is tempered by time and perspective. Don’t think it is a negative if I say the program was easier than I thought it would be. By this, I mean that I was fearful of painful sacrifices and sore workouts. I did not experience any of that, and don’t believe that pain and suffering are a part of this program (quite the opposite, really). Today, six months out of the program, I am still sticking to the healthy eating habits espoused by Chris. There is nothing “faddish” about it. I want to assure you that Chris’s program is very well thought out. It is sensible. It is the opposite of “No Pain, No Gain”. It is a thinking person’s program toward better health. The program is focused on the long-term benefit, and not vaporous short-term trendy gains that are suddenly lost months later. There is zero downside to Chris’ program. Only upside. I went from 230 lbs.+ to under 210 lbs. with what felt like zero effort, and a good bit of fun, before the 2 months were expired.


Embark on this journey.

If you’re on the fence, do it.

I've helped over 100 people burn fat, gain energy, and feel great all the time. Will you be the next 2-Month Body Reset success story?

Watch this 2-min. video to find out what the 2-Month Body Reset is all about

Which program is right for you?

One on One


Work directly with your coach through The 2-Month Body Reset. For those that want more personalized care and accountability. 

Most popular!



The "uncoached" version of The 2-Month Body Reset. For those that are extra self-motivated or enjoy a more self-paced learning style.

Most economical!

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