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Meet Chris


Hi. I’m Chris. I'm a certified health coach at The Optimized Life and the creator of the 2-Month Body Reset fat loss system.


What I do is quite simple. I help middle-agers lose 20+ lbs. forever without dieting or cardio.

I struggled with my weight for years, attempting and failing at every diet & exercise program known to humankind. At my lowest point, I'd become 40 lbs. overweight, sluggish 24/7, sick every 3 months, and checked out in life.

After years of toiling in frustration, I finally came across a method of losing excess body fat without any dieting or cardio workouts. And more importantly, I've been able to keep the excess weight off for years now - with minimal effort and maximum joy!

It's now my mission to help you discover these same kinds of life-changing results in your own health journey.

Imagine what it would be like to have your own personal coach who is thoroughly committed to seeing you become healthier, stronger, leaner, and full of energy. Imagine how that newfound energy could unlock the person you were truly meant to be!

The 2-Month Body Reset won't be like any weight loss program, fad diet, or fitness regimen you’ve ever tried. And this isn’t some newfangled approach to fat loss. This kind of optimal health strategy has been around for thousands of years.


So I want to encourage you to schedule your completely free, no-obligation 1/2 hour FREE FAT LOSS STRATEGY SESSION with me to find out if I'm the right fit for you to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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