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Self-guided system

Are you perplexed by mysterious weight gain? Has this weight increase seemed to have come out of nowhere and feels almost impossible to dislodge no matter how much you workout and deprive yourself of food?
Have you attempted one diet after another for most of your adult life? Have you tried every weight loss program, fad diet, and newfangled exercise equipment on the market? Cabbage soups, grapefruits, pills, points, cleanses, detoxes, juice fasts, body wraps, powders, cool sculpting, shake weights…the list just goes on and on. 
Perhaps you lose a few pounds here and there. You might even keep it off for a few weeks or months, but the pounds and inches predictably come roaring back…and with interest!
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This self-guided system is for you if…
1) You’ve got some stubborn flab you’d love to lose.
2) You consciously and subconsciously think about food all the time. Like every 2-3 hours. You’re constantly hungry and somewhat panicky between meals. “If I don't see a Taco Bell in the next 5 minutes, I’m going to have a total meltdown!”
3) You long to make a difference in the world and invest in other people, but your energy level is so low, you can barely make it through each day yourself.
4) You flat out refuse to spend one more dollar or waste one more moment of your life on another stupid diet that yields little to no results!
5) You're self-motivated and enjoy a more self-paced learning style. No hands-on coaching needed!
What's Included...
Training = You'll be enrolled in my totally unique 2-month online course complete with video tutorials, written lessons, podcasts, quizzes, and tons of additional resources. Life-changing material!
Support = You’ll get lifetime access to The Optimized Life’s Facebook community. It's a fantastic tool to ask me questions and bounce ideas off of each other.
Self-Accountability = This program guides you into the skill of self-accountability. By the time you graduate, you won’t ever have to “diet” again.

What happens after you purchase?

STEP 1: Enroll in The 2-Month Body Reset self-guided system

STEP 2: You'll receive an email with all the details. Everything you need to know to get started.

STEP 3: You'll receive immediate access to the course. The whole course will open up to you
immediately on the learning platform. Get started & enjoy!
By the end of The 2-Month Body Reset, you will…
  • know exactly what types of mouth-watering foods best support your health and fat loss goals
  • know exactly how much and what foods to eat to continue losing/maintaining your new body
  • know how to indulge without any guilt
  • understand how different foods make you feel
  • develop new habits of exercising safely, efficiently, and enjoyably
  • be confident you can continue to implement healthy habits for the rest of your life
The 2-Month Body Reset Outline:

Week 1 = The Secrets To An Optimized Life

Week 2 = Avoid These 3 Things To Get You 80% There

Week 3 = The #1 Obstacle To Fat Loss

Week 4 = The Biggest Dietary Myth Of The Last Century

Week 5 = The 4 Most Effective Fat-Burning Exercises On The Planet

Week 6 = The Best Bang-For-The-Buck Workout Ever Devised

Week 7 = 3 “S” Words That’ll Jump Start Fat Loss

Week 8 = 5 Steps To Remain On A Healthy Path For 98% Of The Rest Of Your Life

My Pledge:
When you enroll in The 2-Month Body Reset, I’ll make it my primary objective to help you achieve the greatest improvements to your current health and fat loss goals…and with the least amount of pain, difficulty, suffering, and sacrifice. And I promise YOU WILL NOT GO HUNGRY!

This system works!

I wouldn’t be promoting this fat loss system (and I wouldn’t be so passionate about it!) if I didn’t think these concepts actually worked. I’m living proof they do!​
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My health story was recently featured on the front page of one of the world's top health and fitness websites.
Read it HERE.
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