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30 Days To Amaze:

Optimize your diet/workouts/lifestyle in just 1 month!

Most of us don’t feel as well as we should. And most of us don’t really know how to get feeling better.
This is why I created “30 Days To Amaze”.
In a month’s time, I can help you begin to understand how to feed your body and take care of it for a lifetime. You’ll be able to ease your body and mind back into a more balanced state so you can have as much energy and vitality as possible.
This 30-day reset will help you get your energy back, help you sleep better, ease your digestion, and show you how simple it is to get you feeling your very best.

Only $49!

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Join the challenge!
Win prizes!
This 30 Day Reset Is For You If:
1) You'd like to learn how to lose stubborn body fat.
2) You'd like to learn how to control your cravings.
3) You'd like to learn how to get the most bang for your buck with your workouts.
4) You'd like to learn how to create healthy and sustainable habits.
5) You're more motivated in a group setting with a community of others working on a common goal.
How it works...
Training = You'll receive a daily email that contains an educational piece and a simple challenge to implement. I'll also be appearing on Facebook Live every Monday - Friday at 12 PM EST to go over the material and answer any/all of your questions.
Support = You’ll get access to our private 30 Days To Amaze Facebook community. It's a fantastic tool to ask me questions, get encouragement, and bounce ideas off of each other.
Prizes = You'll be incentivized with gifts and prizes!!! I don't want you to plop down $49 on a credit card and forget about it. Check out what you could win   👇👇👇👇👇

Only $49!

Sign up HERE

  • GRAND PRIZE #1: 8 Weeks of 1:1 coaching in my "8 to STRAIGHT" system! ($1000)
  • GRAND PRIZE #2: Access to my "8 to STRAIGHT Solo" self-guided program! ($149)
  • GRAND PRIZE #3: Ninja Air Fryer! (or $100 cash)
  • GRAND PRIZE #4: Super Supplement Pack! (or $50)
  • GRAND PRIZE #5: A pair of blue light blocking glasses! (or $35)

Here’s how to collect points to win prizes:


  • Just for registering, you get 10 points. BOOM!

  • Open the daily email, you get 1 point.

  • Comment on the posts in the Facebook group (it could be a post, a poll or a Live) within 48 hours of the original posting, you get 2 points. (2 points maximum per person, per post… so you can’t SPAM to stuff the ballot box!)

  • Share a "meaningful" post on the Facebook group and get 5 points.

  • Periodically, throughout the 30 days, you’ll be challenged to complete a check-in at random intervals. If you complete one of the periodic check-ins, you get 10 points. 

  • 50 points for submitting a testimonial video at the end of the challenge! 


The challenge officially ends on March 2, 2021. Your last chance to gain points will be on March 5, 2021. No points will be counted after that date. Final point tallies will be completed by March 8, 2021. Winners will then be announced in the Facebook group and will be individually alerted via email. 


*There is no running leaderboard, so just make sure to engage as much as possible and earn those points! You never know who might be leading, or how far behind (or ahead!) you are. 🤔

My Pledge:
Enrolling in “30 Days To Amaze” will help you achieve the greatest improvements to your current health and fat loss goals…and with the least amount of pain, difficulty, suffering, and sacrifice. And I promise YOU WILL NOT GO HUNGRY!

Only $49!

Sign up HERE

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